This is Cameroon!

This is Cameroon, Ici c’est le Kamer. Country for crayfish, Country for piment. Au Pays de la new tech, 32Go égale 500Go. Tanière des chatons domptables Qui se couchent sur les anciens lauriers. Hilton c’est 5 étoiles, Kondengui c’est 10 étoiles. La vida loca à Kondengui, La maison préférée des ministres. Bribery & corruption reigns, […]

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I heard the wail To the wail I let my feet sail They had gone for a birthday Only to return on their deathday Pain pranced, birthing a din Saline rapids even on feelings so thin. In cars, came their clay Stars, save no say Scurrying to, curious a peep Scurrying fro, pain diving deep […]

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The Neighbourhood

I heard friends describe the living utopia High rise flats kissing the thermosphere Villas and estates as tall as Babel With lawns as wide as space Asphalt snaking through the blocks Peaceful safe engines on fours or twos, revving 24/7 Its inhabitants personify poshness Nights never getting old A million fireflies in the cold night […]

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To my HEART’s Beat

From the ground I sing to thee on the balcony I sing to thee on the upper storey I don’t have enough for your dowry But I could spare my lone cowry To win your heart, I’ll make no lobbies To your kids, I want to read bedtime stories Then when I have enough, we’ll […]

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Problems of the Heart

My inner torments no therapy can resolve Head and mind revolve With problems none can solve. At the sight of her I dissolve Your date, I hate I don’t believe in a sealed fate And my heart, it would elate If thy problems you put on my slate Boom! Boom! Those were no earthquakes They […]

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Pale-face wiped nine off the surface He was taken in grand style With respect for his humanity Ebony traded in smokes He made a living out of grass He was taken with brutality Did God ever say one IS more than the other? We were supposed to live together As in a fraternity The earth, […]

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At the sight of you…

At the sight of you, Eros broke his arrow Zeus fell from the skies Poseidon got drowned At the sight of you, Heracles’ strength failed him At the sight of you, Medusa got turned to stone The Pegasus lost its wings At the sight of you, Kronos lost control of time Charon refused drachma And […]

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Planète de m…

Crise économique et guerres de politiques Les politiciens et les leaders : une brasserie de sadiques Ogives nucléaires et kamikazes : on aura tout vu Cette planète de m… est vraiment fichue On dit que l’éducation est la carte du labyrinthe Mais des diplômés on n’entend que des plaintes La haine s’installe et l’amour se […]

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Solitude 2.0

To their smiles and laughs you clung Yet you were never quoted in their song And then you realised you were dung You were no part of the throng Subject of mockery, shunt and daunt Before smiles of people so cunt All you can do is shrink like a runt Head says you belong; heart […]

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Pain Train

In memory of those who perished during the Eseka train disaster. They say no pain no gain Speed was the gain But in the end came pain And there was blood in the rain I try to stay sane Browsing through the LCD pane Looking for something to drain the pain Omnipresent is the pain […]

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